Faculty and Staff at ELI Apply to ELI!

ELI Administrative Staff

Sarah Dalrymple

Sarah Dalrymple, Program Coordinator
(129N Patterson Hall)


Faculty at ELI

Sheryl Lattimore

Sheryl Lattimore, Senior Lecturer
(129E Patterson Hall)


Joneel Russell

Joneel Russell, Senior Lecturer
(129G Patterson Hall)


Timothy Sedor

Timothy Sedor, Lecturer
(129I Patterson Hall)


Faculty Qualifications and Experience

Faculty at the ELI are highly-qualified and experienced. All full-time faculty are required to have a Master’s in Teaching English as a Second Language (MATESL) or closely-related field. The MATESL degree is also preferred for part-time instructors in the program. In fact, several ELI instructors on the faculty have PhD’s in an education-related field.

Current faculty have over 150 years of combined ESL teaching experience and a number of them have have been involved in ESL teacher training and overseeing student teaching internships at the university. Faculty and staff have lived or studied in many countries such as Japan, China, Taiwan, South Korea, Thailand, Hong Kong, Holland, Spain, France, Germany, Russia, Niger, Zambia, Colombia, Mexico, Micronesia, and Saudi Arabia.