Isabela Silva

Meet Isabela Molitor Silva. She is a current EWU student and a Study Abroad Alumn from Brazil. 

She has shared a little bit about being an international student at EWU. 

Eastern has helped me adjust to living in a new country and university environment by giving me many resources. Living in the residence halls during my first years at Eastern helped me to adjust to university life and get out of my comfort zone by meeting people from my age group that have a different culture.  Attending campus events also gave me the chance to met other people, such as Coffee Talk, where I got to know other American students, as well as students that come from all over the world. The Office of Global Initiatives has also been very helpful in providing resources specifically for international students. 

I have appreciated the quality education that I have been able to get and the many professors who have helped me to succeed. I also appreciate the opporutnity that I have had to meet some of my greatest friends at the EWU campus. 

Getting to experience the four seasons throught the year is probably one of my favorite things about being in the United States. While being at EWU, I also had the chance to study abroad for a semester in Norway, which was a great opporutnity to expand my worldview even further and get to experience a new culture. 

As for advice that I would give to other international students studying at EWU; I'd say get out of your comfort zone! Talk to people and allow yourself to fully experience American culture. You will learn a lot and have the experience of your life!