Developing Your Faculty-Led Study Abroad Program

Faculty-Led Program Guidelines

These faculty-led program documents are intended for faculty members who accompany students on EWU study abroad programs. Faculty must complete the packet below and have an assessment done by the EWU Group Travel Committee at least 18 months prior to the travel date.

The development of faculty-led programming is intended to be a collaborative process. The Office of Global Initiatives (OGI) is ready and able to assist faculty members new to international endeavors and seasoned travelers, as appropriate.

Risk Assessment for International Faculty Programs

The following document will help you complete a risk assessment for your study abroad experience.

Student Travel

Any curriculum requiring international travel must be approved prior to student travel. Please submit course description, requirements and learning outcomes to Megan Abbey in the Office of Global Initiatives at

Current Faculty-led Study Abroad Programs

Visit the Study Abroad Faculty-led Programs page for information on current programs that are being offered to students.


Please feel free to contact the following OGI team member regarding any questions/concerns:

Faculty-Led Programs In Development

For more information on the Faculty-Led Programs below, please contact Megan Abbey at If you are interested in developing a Faculty-Led Study Abroad Program visit the application guidelines page.

Location Academic Fields Faculty Trip Date
Estonia Choir K. Ploeger Spring 2018
Guatemala Ocupational Therapy R. Snover, R. Stankey TBD
Mexico History/Chicana/o Studies N. Martinez Summer 2019
Europe History/English/Psychology B. Torgerson, K. Islam-Zwart, M. Conlin Winter 2019






Faculty-Led Programs By Year

Eastern faculty have transformed students' lives through study abroad experiences for many years. Below are the most recent programs that were developed and their status. For additional information, please contact Megan Abbey at For a list of current programs offered to students, visit our Faculty-Led Program page.

Year Location Academic Fields Status
2014 Hong Kong Urban Planning, Sociology, Management Ran
2014 Cuba History Ran
2014 Cyprus History Ran
2014 India Social Work Ran
2014 Costa Rica MBA Cancelled
2014 Spain Spanish Ran
2014 France French Ran
2015 Jerusalem Anthropology Cancelled
2015 India Government Cancelled
2015 Costa Rica Honors, Social Work Ran
2015 Ireland Choir Ran
2015 Spain Spanish Ran
2015 France French Ran
2016 New Zealand American Indian Studies Ran
2016 Cuba Chicana/o Studies Cancelled
2016 Cyprus History Cancelled
2016 Spain Spanish Ran
2016 France French Ran
2016 Germany German Ran
2017 Hong Kong Sociology, ESLG Cancelled
2017 Europe History, Psychology, English Ran
2017 Cyprus History Cancelled
2017 Ghana Psychology, Disabilities Studies Ran
2017 India Social Work Cancelled
2017 Colombia Dental Hygiene Cancelled
2017 Spain Spanish Ran
2017 France French Ran
2017 Germany German Ran


Group Travel Committee Information