Fosseen-Kusaka Exchange

Program Background

Former Mayor and First Lady of Spokane, Washington, Mr. and Mrs. Neal and Helen Fosseen, and Chancellor Akira Kusaka of the Mukogawa Women’s University (MWU) in Nishinomiya, Japan established the Mukogawa Fosseen-Kusaka Distinguished Professorship endowment in 1994. This program highlights the priority Eastern Washington University and its Japanese counterparts place on fostering international exchange and strengthening cultural ties.

Under the Distinguished Professorship program, a professor from each university spends a week teaching at the other university each year. During the annual exchange, the chosen professors offer lectures or performances on campus and/or in the surrounding community in order to expand the influence of the exchange program.

The Application Period for 2018-19 is will open in November. Please contact Megan Abbey at if you are interested in applying during the next cycle.

Ms. Minako Yoshii

Ms. Minako Yoshii

During February, 2017, EWU hosted Ms. Minako Yoshii. Ms. Yoshii is a Professor in the Department of Education at Mukogawa …

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