Information for EWU Departments

Hosting a Visiting Scholar

If you or your department are interested in hosting a scholar, please contact the Global Programs Administrator, Megan Abbey at EWU sponsors Visiting Scholars in the following catagories:

  • Research Scholar
  • Short-Term Scholar

All Visiting Scholars are required to come on a J-1 Exchange Visitor Visa processed through the EWU Office of Global Initiatives "OGI." The Global Programs Administrator will work directly with the department and prospective scholar to document the proposed program, determine eligibility of the scholar for the visa, and issue the Form DS 2019 that the scholar will take to their visa interview. If the visa is granted, OGI will be the primary support for the scholar. We assist with housing, airport pick up, access to EWU systems and facilities, and orientation to Spokane and Cheney. The scholar will be required to attend an immigration orientation and communicate with OGI regularly to maintain their visa status. OGI will also reach out to the host department throughout the program to support the visit as necessary.

Important Points about Visiting Scholars

  • Scholars must show that they can cover their own expenses for the duration of their program. The cost of a program will depend on the amount of quarters that the scholar will be visiting. It is far less expensive to align program dates with our academic calendar. Note: The EWU department does not need to offer funds to the scholar.
  • All scholars are required to be enrolled in the EWU International Student and Scholar Health Insurance. This requirement is part of the visa regulations.
  • Housing for the scholar must be verified before any immigration documents will be issued.
  • If a scholar would like to visit during summer term, the EWU college or department representative must be able to oversee program activities.
  • Travel within the U.S. is permitted while the scholar is visiting; however, it must be pre-approved by OGI and not impact program activities. (e.g. Travel for a conference or research purpose is generally permitted; Personal travel that constitutes the majority of the visit violates the visa.)

Department Responsibilities

Academic departments and designated faculty member(s) work in collaboration with OGI to provide a mutually enriching professional and cultural experience for the scholar, university and regional community. Departmental responsibilities are as follows:

  • Provide official Letter of Invitation signed by the College Dean to the scholar outlining:
    • Name of college and academic department host,
    • Name of key departmental personnel responsible for the oversight of the scholar’s program
    • Dates and purpose of visit
    • Academic department’s expectations of the scholar to include proposed schedule for duration of scholar’s visit
  • Assign one college or departmental representative to oversee the scholar’s program. The assigned college or departmental representative will:
    • Hold regular weekly or biweekly meetings with the scholar, faculty members, administrators and OGI contact
    • Help organize the scholar’s schedule for teaching and other professional, cultural and community activities

In certain cases, the Academic Department may choose to coordinate all logistical support for the Visiting Scholar. Please notify OGI if interested in this option.