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New Scholarship Opportunities!

Check out these scholarships with fast approaching deadlines:
Boren Scholarship
Fulbright Scholarship
Gilman Scholarship

New scholarships, including full funding opportunties for study in China, have been posted on the Funding Study Abroad page. 


The Study Abroad Office at Eastern Washington University encourages all students to spend a portion of their education studying abroad. Visit the links on our website and speak to an advisor for assistance in choosing the best option to suit your academic needs and personal goals.

For those with a constricted time schedule, short-term programs conducted by Eastern faculty are offered each summer.

Your Study Abroad experience might not be financially out of reach! When selecting a program, carefully research all of the costs and financing options. You might also be eligible for financial aid and scholarship opportunities.

We invite you to choose your program, learn about the process or contact us for more information.