1+2+1 Introduction

In order to educate internationally oriented professionals, the China Center for International Educational Exchange (CCIEE) and American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU) jointly initiated the Sino-American 1+2+1 Dual-Degree Program, which is based on providing credit and degree recognition between Chinese and American Universities.

Eastern Washington University is proud to participate in this important platform of exchanges and cooperation between Chinese and American universities.

Credit and Degree Recognition

The CCIEE and AASCU have jointly sponsored four years of seminars on credit and degree recognition between Chinese and American Universities for since 2004. More than 70 universities have participated in the seminars and discussed the various issues of credit and degree recognition. On June 26, 2007, the Statement of Credit and Degree Recognition for the Sino-American 1+2+1 Dual-Degree Program was successfully approved at the Fourth Seminar on Credit and Degree Recognition in Nanjing, China, by all the participating Chinese and American Universities.

Two-way Exchange of Students and Faculty Members

From 2001 to 2007, a total of 541 undergraduate and graduate students from 42 Chinese universities went to study at their partner universities in the U.S. A total of 138 undergraduate and graduate students have received their diplomas and degrees from 2004 to 2007. From 2006 to 2007, more than 70 students and faculty members from American partner universities came to China for short-term studies.

Sponsors, Co-Sponsor and Partner Universities

  • Chinese Sponsor: China Center for International Educational Exchange (CCIEE)
  • U.S. Sponsor: American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU)
  • Co-Sponsor: Henan Educational Association for International Exchange (HNEAIE)
  • Partners: 64 Chinese universities (selected by CCIEE) and 16 U.S. universities (selected by AASCU)

Chinese Partnership Universities

University City Province Website
Anhui University of Technology Ma'anshan Anhui www.ahut.edu.cn
Chengdu University of Information Technology Chengdu Sichuan www.cuit.edu.cn
Chongqing University Chongqing Sichuan international.cqu.edu.cn
Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications    Chongqing Sichuan    www.cqupt.edu.cn
Chang'an University Xi'an Shaanxi www.xahu.edu.cn
Fujian University of Technology Fuzhou City Fujian Province www2.fjut.edu.cn/
Gansu Agricultural University Guangdong Gansu www.gsau.edu.cn
Guangdong University of Business Studies Guangdong Gansu www.gdcc.edu.cn
Hefei University of Technology Hefei Anhui www.hfut.edu.cn
Huaqiao University Quanzhaou Fujian www.hqu.edu.cn
Inner Mongolia University of Technology Hohhot Inner Mongolia www.imut.edu.cn
Jinan University Guangzhou Guangdong www.jnu.edu.cn
Lanzhou University of Finance and Economics Lanzhou Gansu www.lzcc.edu.cn/english
Kunming University of Science & Technology Kunming Yunnan www.kmust.edu.cn/
Lanzhou University of Finance and Economics Lanzhou Gansu www.lzcc.edu.cn/
Lanzhou University of Technology Lanzhou Gansu www.lut.cn
Liaoning Shihua University Shenyang Liaoning www.lnpu.edu.cn
Nanjing Agricultural University Nanjing Jiangsu www.njau.edu.cn
Nanjing Normal University Nanjing Jiangsu www.njnu.edu.cn
Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology Nanjing Jiangsu www.njust.edu.cn
Nanchang Hangkong University Nanchang Jiangxi www.nchu.edu.cn
North University of China Taiyuan Shaanxi www.ncit.edu.cn
Shandong University of Weihai Weihai Shandong www.wh.sdu.edu.cn
Shanghai Normal University Shanghai Jiangsu www.shnu.edu.cn/shnuen
Southwest Jiaotong University Chengdu Sichuan www.swjtu.cn
Southwest Petroleum University Chengdu Sichuan aa.swpu.edu.cn
Xi'an Shiyou University Xi'an Shaanxi www.xapi.edu.cn
Xi'an University of International Studies Xi'an Shaanxi www.xisu.edu.cn
Xi'an University of Science and Technology Xi'an Shaanxi www.xust.edu.cn
Yunnan University Kunming Yunnan www.ynu.edu.cn
Zhejiang Normal University Jinhua Zhejiang www.zjnu.edu.cn/