How to get proof of enrollment through EagleNet

  1. Sign in to EagleNet
  2. Go to the Student section
  3. Choose "Student Records"
  4. Choose "Online enrollment verification"
  5. Click Continue and this will take you to the National Student Clearinghouse site
  6. Choose your enrollment period (current, all, future)
  7. Click on the "Obtain an enrollment certificate" link above the radio buttons

Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to obtain your official enrollment certificate through this process. When it is complete, you can print out an official proof of enrollment certificate which will pop up or save as a PDF to your computer. Be sure to log out of the National Student Clearinghouse site to ensure the privacy of your records.

The School of Global Learning will accept proof of enrollment requests for things that require proof of immigration status (drivers license and State ID documents, Social Security letters, etc.). However, general proof of enrollment should be obtained through EagleNet.