Health Insurance Requirements for International Students & Scholars

Valid Health Insurance Requirement

All international students and scholars are required to have valid health insurance while in the United States. An international student insurance fee is automatically included in Eastern tuition and other mandatory fees when students register for classes each academic term. International scholars will see the insurance fee added to their account each academic term. Please note the insurance fee is different each term as follows:



9/17/18- 9/16/19

Fall Quarter

9/17/18- 1/4/19

Winter Quarter

1/5/19- 3/29/19

Spring Quarter


Summer Quarter


Int'l Student/Scholar $2,264 $682 $522 $490 $571
Per Dependent $2,264 $682 $522 $490 $571


Semesters Fall Semester Spring Semester Summer Semester
Int'l Student/Scholar $856 $1012 $571
Per Dependent $856 $1012 $571


Students on OPT/CPT should request insurance coverage separately before the first day of each academic quarter by sending an email request to


Due September 19, 2018 - Insurance Fee Waiver - Fall 2018 Documentation

The insurance fee will be waived only when a student presents comparable health insurance coverage according to the Insurance Minimum Requirements (PDF) as defined by the U.S. Patient Protection & Affordability Act along with a copy of their insurance card with the full policy in English translation to the School of Global Learning. Waiver renewals are required each academic term.  

Note: Students remaining in the US in the summer while on Annual Vacation may reqest to be enrolled in insurance. Contact to request coverage.

SACM-sponsored students:

Verify with EWU Student Financial Services that a copy of your current Financial Guarantee (FG) is on file by contacting Jade Nielsen or going to Sutton Hall 2nd Floor. A current FG must be received by the start of each term (fall - Sept. 19, 2018). SGL will work directly with SACM to verify your coverage. If additional information is needed, you will be contacted by SGL with an email request. Note that all documentation to verify your coverage through SACM must be recevied by Sept. 19, 2018 in order for the insurance charge to be waived for summer term.

Students who do not present the proof of comparable coverage by the deadlines specified below will not receive insurance fee waiver and will be responsible for paying the full insurance fee amount. 

Insurance Waiver Deadlines:

Fall Quarter 2018 Winter Quarter 2019 Spring Quarter 2019 Summer Quarter 2019
September 19, 2018 January 07, 2019 April 01, 2019 June 24, 2019

Health Insurance for International Students & Scholars

Insurance Cards

Students/Scholars can print their own insurance cards using the United Health Care page. If you are unable to print your insurance card using the link just provided, you can visit the School of Global Learning located in 103 Hargreaves Hall for assistance.

Either log in with your username and password or create a new account if this is your first time logging in. The email on file will be your Eagles Email.

United Health Care App

You can also access many services with the new United Health Care app! Search UHCSR in your prefered app provider and follow the onscreen prompts, setting up your account with your Eagles Email address.

  • Veiw coverage details
  • View or print your ID card
  • Review Massage Center electronic notifications
  • Check claim status and Explanations of Benefits (EOB)
  • Review claims letters
  • Update personal information
  • Search for a preferred provider
  • Provide other insurance information, accident details, or Personal Representative Appointment
  • Provide tax information for IRS Form 1095-B

General Plan Information

This insurance plan is exclusively contracted and provided for the international students and visiting scholars of Eastern Washington University. You can download the 2018-19 Student health Insurance brochure or contact Health, Wellness & Prevention Services at 509.359.4279 or or visit the University Recreation Center room 201 for more information.

Eligibility: F1/F2 and J1/J2 visa status with Eastern Washington University

Summary of Benefits

Download the 2018-19 Summary of Benefits (PDF)

  • Co-pays are not required at the time of service.
  • After the $250 deductible is met, the student will be responsible for 20% of the cost of medical services (deductibles do not apply to doctor's office visit or prescriptions).
  • Annual physical exams are covered under wellness coverage with no deductible and no co-payment.
  • Immunizations are covered when ordered by a PVP and 80% of cost is covered in-network.
  • Contraceptives are covered under prescription drugs with no deductible and no co-payment.
  • Prescription drugs are covered at 80% if student goes to a preferred pharmacy in-network.
  • Emergency room is covered at 80% in-network/60% out of network.
  • Ambulance service is covered at 80% in-network/60% out of network.
  • X-ray & Laboratory services are covered at 80% in-network/60% out of network.
  • Hospital Room and Board is covered at 80% in-network/60% out of network.


Immunizations that meet Preventive Care Guidelines are payable with no cost share to the insured. Here are the instructions to locate and review the most current Preventive Care coverage determination guidelines.
Please note, this does not guarantee payment.  We are not able to determine if and what benefits are payable until an actual claim for services is received.  Benefit payment shall be subject to all deductible, copayment, coinsurance, exclusions and limitations, or any other provisions of the policy effective at the time of service.

Global Emergency Services

If you are a member insured with this insurance plan, you and your insured spouse Domestic Partner and minor child(ren) are eligible for UnitedHealthcare Global Emergency Services.

Key Services include:

  •  Transfer of Insurance Information to Medical Providers
  •  Monitoring of Treatment
  •  Transfer of Medical Records
  •  Medication, Vaccine
  •  Worldwide Medical and Dental Referrals
  •  Dispatch of Doctors/Specialists
  •  Emergency Medical Evacuation
  •  Facilitation of Hospital Admittance up to $5,000.00 payment
  •  Transportation to Join a Hospitalized Participant
  •  Transportation After Stabilization
  •  Coordinate the replacement of Corrective Lenses and Medical Devices
  •  Emergency Travel Arrangements
  •  Hotel Arrangements for Convalescence
  •  Continuous Updates to Family and Home Physician
  •  Return of Dependent Children
  •  Replacement of Lost or Stolen Travel Documents
  •  Repatriation of Mortal Remains
  •  Worldwide Destination Intelligence Destination Profiles
  •  Legal Referral
  •  Transfer of Funds
  •  Message Transmittals
  •  Translation Services
  •  Security and Political Evacuation Services
  •  Natural Disaster Evacuation Services

Please visit for the UnitedHealthcare Global brochure which includes service descriptions and program exclusions and limitations.

Optional Dental and Vision Plans

Individual dental and vision plans are optional. View the Voluntary Dental & Vision Individual Plans document to find out more about your options as an EWU student/scholar. To enroll in one of these plans, contact the provider directly.


The Rockwood Clinic in Cheney is a preferred provider of non-emergency medical services. Click this link to find an in-network clinic, hospital, or other service near you.

EWU Student/Scholar ID and the insurance card is required at the time of service. Please note that the clinic may not have the language interpretation assistance so plan accordingly.

Further Information

If students/scholars receive any forms from A-G Administrators, the benefits administrator for the plan, they must complete those forms and mail them back immediately. Failure to follow up can cause claims to go unpaid, and Rockwood could then put students/scholars on a collections list.

For more information, visit Eastern's Health and Wellness site.