Due April 1, 2019 - Insurance Fee Waiver - Spring 2019 Documentation

The insurance fee will be waived only when a student presents comparable health insurance coverage according to the Insurance Minimum Requirements (PDF) as defined by the U.S. Patient Protection & Affordability Act along with a copy of their insurance card with the full policy in English translation to the School of Global Learning. Waiver renewals are required each academic term.  

Note: Students remaining in the US in the summer while on Annual Vacation may reqest to be enrolled in insurance. Contact to request coverage.

SACM-sponsored students:

Verify with EWU Student Financial Services that a copy of your current Financial Guarantee (FG) is on file by contacting Jade Nielsen or going to Sutton Hall 2nd Floor. A current FG must be received by the first day of class each term. SGL will work directly with SACM to verify your coverage. If additional information is needed, you will be contacted by SGL with an email request. Note that all documentation to verify your coverage through SACM must be recevied by the posted deadline in order for the insurance charge to be waived for each term.

Students who do not present the proof of comparable coverage by the deadlines specified below will not receive insurance fee waiver and will be responsible for paying the full insurance fee amount. 

Insurance Waiver Deadlines:

Fall Quarter 2018 Winter Quarter 2019 Spring Quarter 2019 Summer Quarter 2019
September 19, 2018 January 07, 2019 April 01, 2019 June 24, 2019