International Student Frequently Asked Questions

Does my secondary education transfer to EWU?

Absolutely! You just need to send in your official transcripts. They must be certified by your countries government as official true documents. That means a seal of authenticity and signature must appear on the document and the seal and the signature cannot be copies.

What if I’m a transfer student? Will my courses I took at my other university go to waste?

You will need to get those courses evaluated. EWU accepts up to 90 quarter hours, or 60 semester hours. You can talk to an advisor to figure out exactly how your courses will transfer. Just ask me and I’ll connect you.

Wait! What is the difference between the quarter system and the semester system?

The quarter system means that there are 4 distinct intakes for the school year, one in Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer. Each quarter is about 10 weeks along (summer quarter is a little different). Most students will begin in the Fall and complete a full academic year. But you can still start on the other ones too. Though some exceptions exist depending on the program.

How much does it cost to go to Eastern Washington?

This is a general estimate of the costs to attend and live at Eastern Washington.

Does EWU offer scholarships for International Students?

Unfortunately no. But we have put together a list of outside scholarships that might make it easier for you to come here. Some programs also have merit based scholarships that you may be eligible for AFTER being admitted. That being said, you need to show proof of financial capability when you apply.

Can I get a job on campus?

Yes you can! You could apply for any of the jobs posted on Handshake once you are admitted. These jobs cap at 19 hours a week and earnings vary by position and department.

Do you have my specific program?

We put together the links to all the different programs. Find the area you are interested in studying and see what majors they offer. If you need help, or are confused about some of the differences in each of the programs or degree options, feel free to ask!

I’m really only interested in improving my English skills, do you have an Intensive English Program?

You came to the right place. Our ELI program is top notch, and doesn’t even require a TOEFL score. Look at our English Language Program Booklet (pdf) for some general info. We are in the process of translating this to other languages.

What is a "conditional student" or “conditional admission”?

A conditional student is an international student who has been admitted to Eastern Washington University but may not have met the English proficiency requirement. Visit the conditional admission webpage for more information.

Ok, I’m interested in applying

Great! We are so excited you are interested. What are you applying for?

How can I get an I-20 or DS-2019 for my studies in the United States?

  1. Complete an international admissions application and fee.
  2. Submit all required documents.

Eastern will issue you an I-20 or DS-2019 once your admissions application is complete and approved.

My question is not here

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