Finding Ethnic Grocery Stores

Moving to a new country is difficult. And even the easiest things, let’s say, grocery shopping, becomes a complicated and foreign adventure. And while the Eagle Express Market might be super convenient, it doesn’t always have everything you need.

We all know Safeway is a safe bet (pun intended) for most of your grocery shopping needs. But we thought it might also be fun to give you a list of Cheney/Spokane’s Ethnic grocery stores, to help you find those hard-to-find-ingredients, for a little taste of home. Or maybe just a little taste of something new!

  1. De Leon Foods : Mexican
    • Voted #1 Ethnic Grocery Store is Spokane by the Inlander. It is not only a grocery store, but also a small bakery/restaurant. They are known for their fresh baked tortillas and ingredients that expand past what you would find in the tiny Mexican food section of Safeway. So if you are craving an authentic Mexican grocery AND restaurant experience, this may be the place to get your fix.
  2. The Best Asian Market AKA Bay Oriental Market
    • Voted #2 Ethnic Grocery Store in Spokane by the Inlander. A small store, full with items representing many of the Asian Cultures. This is the place to go for your hard-to-find ingredients
  3. Asian World Food Market
    • Voted #3 Ethnic Grocery Store by the Inlander. Yelp reviewers rave about the Korean food selection. Known for its low prices, it is also a great place to go for hard-to-find ingredients for many Asian dishes.
  4. Cassano's Italian Grocery Store
    • Known as a mom-and-pop authentic Italian deli/grocery store, it is a place to go to satisfy your lasagna craving, or get tasty uncooked pasta for a meal made at home

PLEASE PLEASE let us know of any others (or restaurants) that are worth checking out! We are always trying to find great places for food!

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