Depending on where you are from, iceskating is either something that is a fairly common past time, or something completely foreign and new! And the newness of it is not limited to just students from other countries where snow is not a thing. I'm from Southern California, so ice skating is a complete novelty. 

As of October 28th, Riverfront Park's Ice Palace is officially open-and will continue to be so until Feburary 28th. A cheap and fun outing, it costs only $3.50 for a skate rental and $5.00 for a session on the ice. 

If you go on a Wednesday with your EWU ID card, there is a college discount, so that it'll cost only $1.00. 

So if you haven't had a chance to go iceskaing, play broomball or curling--take an afternoon off, go down to Spokane, and enjoy the ice. 

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