Past Faculty-Led Programs

Psychology and Science in Literature, History, and Practice

Learn about historical theories and influences involved in the development of medical and psychological literature, science, and practice. After participating in either the English, History, or Psychology prerequisite course, students will travel on a two-week trip to London and Paris during finals week and spring break 2017*. Students and faculty will visit various sites in these two iconic cities to more deeply understand the progression of psychological science from the different disciplinary perspectives. There will be a particular focus on the Victorian Period. The respective EWU course and study abroad program fulfill major and minor requirements specific to the disciplines listed above.

*CISabroad will be the acting agent and logistics supervisor for the program. An on-site representative for CISabroad will accompany the group throughout the duration of the program.

Program Costs and Features

$3,917 Course Fee

Indigenous Study Abroad to Aotearoa, New Zealand

This was a culturally relevant exchange and academic experience between the American Indian Studies Program at EWU and the School of Māori and Pacific Development at the University of Waikato in Hamilton, New Zealand.

Costa Rica Spring Break 2015

All students were welcome to join this interdisciplinary, faculty-led study abroad trip to study Spanish, learn about the differences in Costa Rican and U.S. social work systems, and see the culture and beauty that is Costa Rica!

Hong Kong & Macau Study Abroad Program

A Spring Break trip in which students experienced the high energy, fast paced, financial and cultural hub of Asia.