Study Abroad Steps and Eligibility

The Study Abroad Office at Eastern Washington University encourages all students to spend a portion of their education studying abroad. Visit the links on our website and then make an appointment to speak to an advisor for assistance in choosing the best option to suit your academic needs and personal goals.

The following steps outline the general study abroad process. The Study Abroad website contains information regarding options, scholarships, application deadlines, etc., but you also need to work closely with your Study Abroad Advisor.

Step 1:

Verify your Eligibility

  • Sophomore standing or greater when your study abroad begins.
  • Cumulative GPA 2.5 minimum. (Some programs and universities may require a higher GPA.)

Important considerations:

  • Students are required to pay a concurrent enrollment fee of $200 per quarter, charged at the beginning of each quarter.
  • All students participating in Eastern's Study Abroad programs are required to obtain the University's approved Study Abroad insurance plan. This insurance is applicable worldwide and contains medical and evacuation coverage.
  • Each participant is required to attend Pre-Departure Orientation conducted by the Study Abroad Office prior to departure.

You should schedule an appointment with the Study Abroad Office at least six months before your anticipated departure to begin preparations. If you have any questions, contact or visit the SGL Study Abroad Office in HAR 103.

Step 2:

Research Programs and Funding Opportunities

  • Meet with the Study Abroad Advisor and research the best options for your desired experience abroad.
  • Consult with your academic advisor about your plans to study abroad.
  • If you don't already have one, apply for your passport.
  • Look into whether there is a visa required by the host country. You can find information on any country through the U.S. Department of State.
  • If you would like to look for additional sources of funding, begin researching scholarship opportunities. (Pay close attention to scholarship deadlines. To qualify for some scholarships, you will need to apply a year before you are planning to study abroad.)

Important Note: You should schedule an appointment with the Study Abroad Office at least six months before your anticipated departure to begin preparations. If you have any questions, contact or visit the SGL Study Abroad Office in HAR 103.

Step 3:


  • Submit your on-line application to EWU Study Abroad through the link below by the appropriate deadline.
  • Pay a one-time EWU Study Abroad application fee of $50 (please include a receipt of payment from Sutton Hall along with your application).

Step 4:

Prepare yourself to Study Abroad!

Acceptance procedures

  • After you have received an acceptance email from Study Abroad, note the date for your required Pre-Departure Orientation. Your attendance is mandatory.
  • Complete any additional paperwork that might be required by your destination school or third party program and submit program/host institution information to the Study Abroad Office.
  • Work with the academic departments through which you are hoping to earn credit while abroad and complete all Course Credit Approval forms.
  • Make an appointment with the Study Abroad Office to complete a Budget Sheet if you are on financial aid.
  • Complete a visa application if it is required by the host country. (Visa requirements can be found on the U.S. Department of State website. Some consulates require you to apply for a visa in person, which may mean traveling to another city in the United States.)
  • Book your airfare. In the case of group travel, contact the Study Abroad Office to verify the specifics of your travel.

Step 5:

Pre-Departure Orientation and other prepartions

  • Attend the mandatory Pre-Departure Orientation provided by the Study Abroad Office.
  • Conduct independent research on your specific region. The Study Abroad Travel Resources page has information to help you get started.

Step 6:

Experience your Transformation

When you arrive at your destination, follow any check-in requirements. (Students traveling alone are required to correspond with the Study Abroad Office by email to verify arrival and status.)

  • Successfully complete your time abroad while adhering to all requirements of the Study Abroad Office, the host institution, and any third party program.
  • Request an official transcript to be sent to EWU prior to the end of the host school's academic term.

Step 7:

Connect Your Experience to Your EWU degree and Beyond!

  • Follow any re-entry requirements specific to your program.
  • Participate in the Welcome Home events that the Study Abroad Office hosts for students who have completed study or internships overseas.
  • If you have not already joined the EWU Study Abroad Association, now is a good time to connect with fellow travelers and other students with international interests.